Saturday, July 30, 2016

US Exports WK30

- N101PJ CESSNA 525 (525-0394) 26.07.16 BRAZIL
- N430PR BELL 430 (49008) 27.07.16 SOUTH AFRICA
- N621AW AIRBUS A320-231 (053) 25.07.16 SOUTH AFRICA
- N631AW AIRBUS A320-231 (77) 26.07.16 SOUTH AFRICA
- N883DP CESSNA R182 (R18201883) 26.07.16 NIGERIA
- N2063F HUGHES 269C (S1735) 25.07.16 MEXICO
- N3008P FANTASY AIR SRO ALLEGRO 2000 (05-220) 25.07.16 CANADA
- N3617V CESSNA 150M (15076563) 26.07.16 ECUADOR
- N30326 CESSNA 210L (21059914) 27.07.16 BRAZIL
- N63903 PIPER PA23-250 (27-7854048) 27.07.16 VENEZUELA

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Cessna Denali

Unveiled last year, and officially named "Denali" yesterday, "Cessna" plan to introduce their new single engine turboprop in 2018. Catching up on the success of the Pilatus PC-12, Piper Meridian and Daher TBM will be a challenge, although the Textron board are possibly relying on Pilatus dropping out of the race in a few years. Named after the Alaskan Denali National Park, the name elected is unusual as it breaks with a long standing tradition that Cessna type names start with the letter "C". Possibly, Textron are not too fussed with historical conventions and are making their mark that any association with the Cessna name should slowly disappear .

US Register Update 25 July 2016

+ N58EX Cub CCK-1865 (CCK-1865-0058) 25.07.16 Mather Charles, Bethany Beach, DE R25.07.16
+ N151JD Muse P51D Experimental (F869) 25.07.16 Muse Joseph D, Garland, TX R25.07.16
+ N155RH North American Harvard MK IV (20449) 25.07.16 Cuffe Jeffrey S, Pleasanton, CA R25.07.16
D N157BD UAV Poenix Ace Le (103) 25.07.16 UAV Solutions Inc, Jessup, MD R25.07.16 (drone)
+ N332SB Alexander Schleicher ASG 32 MI (32019) 25.07.16 Bowen Stehpen T, La Crescent, MN R25.07.16
+ N709KA Dehavilland DHC-3 (410) 25.07.16 Kenmore Air Harbor Inc, Kenmore, WA R25.07.16
+ N780J Sikorsky S-76B (760352) 25.07.16 Hp Aviation Inc, Oldsmar, FL R25.07.16
+ N11898 Pilatus PC-12/45 (456) 25.07.16 Wells Fargo Bank Northwest NA Trustee, Salt Lake City, UT R25.07.16

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

US Register Update 18 & 19 July 2016

R N8PL Lancair 235 (005) 18.07.16 Russell Mark E, Hayward, CA R18.07.16 (restored)
+ N42XF Van RV-9A (91389) 19.07.16 Sturges Stephen S, Portland, OR R19.07.16
+ N61SG Cessna 525 (5250155) 18.07.16 Sierra Industries LLC Dba, Palm Beach Gardens, FL R18.07.16
+ N75NJ Zenair CH-750 (75-7604) 19.07.16 Neuls Norman J, Wasilla, AK R19.07.16
+ N84VV Diamond DA20-C1 (C0688) 18.07.16 Diamond Aircraft Sales U S A Inc, London Ontario, R18.07.16
+ N185KQ Quest Kodiak 100 (100-0185) 18.07.16 Quest Aircraft Co Llc, Sandpoint, ID R18.07.16
D N217MM DJI Phantom 3 Profession (P76DCE18011375) 19.07.16 Minnes Matt M, Westfield, IN R19.07.16 (drone)
+ N234KM Piper PA28-181 (28-7990043) 18.07.16 Clavere Stephen J, El Dorado Hills, CA R18.07.16
+ N237NN Embraer ERJ 170-200 LR (17000575) 18.07.16 American Airlines Inc, Fort Worth, TX R18.07.16
+ N290SC Cessna 207A (20700647) 18.07.16 Southern Cross Aircraft Llc, Fort Lauderdale, FL R18.07.16
+ N350EU Piper PA 46-350P (4636698) 19.07.16 Piper Aircraft Inc, Vero Beach, FL R19.07.16
+ N423LC Clark Glasair (517R) 18.07.16 Clark Leslie B, Solvang, CA R18.07.16
+ N443CS Cessna T240 (T24002110) 18.07.16 Textron Aviation Inc, Wichita, KS R18.07.16
+ N449SC Six Chuter Legend XL (3174) 18.07.16 SIX Chuter West Llc, Vancouver, WA R18.07.16
+ N452JR Robberson S-7S (0414606) 18.07.16 Robberson JOE F II, Tulsa, OK R18.07.16
+ N555MS Hughes MD 600N (RN079) 19.07.16 Vertical Carriage Llc, Dover, DE R19.07.16
+ N555QC Sikorsky S-76C (760555) 19.07.16 Wells Fargo Bank Northwest NA Trustee, Salt Lake City, UT R19.07.16
+ N591SU Pilatus PC-12/47E (1640) 19.07.16 Pilatus Business Aircraft Ltd, Broomfield, CO R19.07.16
+ N638NG Pilatus PC-12/47E (1638) 19.07.16 Pilatus Business Aircraft Ltd, Broomfield, CO R19.07.16
D N771WT DJI Inspire 1 (W13DCA23020162) 19.07.16 Taylor & Refosco Llc, Mc Henry, MD R19.07.16 (drone)
D N772FH 3D Aero-M (AE151030011) 19.07.16 Humboldt State University, Arcata, CA R19.07.16 (drone)
D N772QC Parrot Ar Drone 2.0 (PF721800BK5C066496) 19.07.16 Gulf Coast State College, Panama City, FL R19.07.16 (drone)
R N789CF BAC 1-11 422/EQ (119) 19.07.16 American Flight Museum, Topeka, KS R19.07.16 (restored)
+ N866BA Bombardier BD-100-1A10 (20335) 18.07.16 Bombardier Aerospace Corp, Richardson, TX R18.07.16
+ N878SL Dassault F900EX (083) 18.07.16 Falco Elevair Llc, SAN Antonio, TX R18.07.16
+ N907GB Cub CCX-1865 (CCX-1865-0017) 19.07.16 Ak Cubs Llc, Anchorage, AK R19.07.16
+ N970AL Cirrus SR22 (4384) 18.07.16 Cirrus Design Corp, Duluth, MN R18.07.16
+ N1215S Van RV-10 (41085) 18.07.16 Schwalen Paul Jeffrey, Eagan, MN R18.07.16
+ N13656 Cessna 177B (17702448) 19.07.16 K and R Flight Inc, Monticello, IA R19.07.16
R N1737F Cessna 172H (17255132) 19.07.16 Voltl Mike N, Coloma, WI R19.07.16 (restored)
R N24287 Cessna T206H (T20608605) 19.07.16 Flugzeug 24287 Llc, Scottsdale, AZ R19.07.16 (restored)
+ N2834K Luscombe 8A (5561) 19.07.16 Wilson Joshua E, Boise, ID R19.07.16
R N3362 North NA-64 (64-2182(3362)) 18.07.16 Messeder Thomas Alan SR, Parkton, NC R18.07.16 (restored)
+ N4975B Beech J35 (D-5567) 16.07.16 Mendes Da Silva Neto Joao, Port Orange, FL R16.07.16
+ N66580 Aeronca 7BCM (47-847) 18.07.16 Wyatt REX M, Weirsdale, FL R18.07.16
R N6898H Cessna 172M (17265636) 19.07.16 Smith Alan G, Fort Lauderdale, FL R19.07.16 (restored)
R N7887C Schempp-Hirth Standard (33) 19.07.16 Casto Jeffrey S, Plano, TX R19.07.16 (restored)

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Basler N115U being offered for sale this July.

With only 18800.9 hours on the clock, Basler DC3C N115U (33567) is being offered for sale by the USDA on July 21st. With them since 16.06.64 as a C-47B, the aircraft was converted to a Basler on 22.05.91 as substantiated by the plate.

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

US Register Update 11 July 2016

+ N13ME Precision Lancaster MK IV (PCN-048-201538-014-M) 11.07.16 Measure UAS Inc, Washington, DC R11.07.16
+ N32GH Diamond DA 62 (62.026) 11.07.16 Diamond Aircraft Sales USA Inc, London Ontario, R11.07.16
+ N82VB Champion 7ECA (491) 11.07.16 Cloudbase Inc, Seattle, WA R11.07.16
+ N94CB Evolution Revo (000617) 11.07.16 Evolution Aircraft Inc, Zephyrhills, FL R11.07.16
+ N145MD Elite (755E) 11.07.16 Bingham John R, Leawood, KS R11.07.16
+ N224TM Evolution Revo (000605) 11.07.16 Evolution Aircraft Inc, Zephyrhills, FL R11.07.16
R N312B Aerospatiale AS350BA (2243) 11.07.16 Patriot Aviation Inc, Greenville, DE R11.07.16 (restored)
+ N381D Piper PA28-181 (2843844) 11.07.16 Piper Aircraft Inc, Vero Beach, FL R11.07.16
+ N598WC Dassault F2000 (210) 11.07.16 Waste Connections Us Inc, Houston, TX R11.07.16
+ N899HT Evolution Revo (000618) 11.07.16 Evolution Aircraft Inc, Zephyrhills, FL R11.07.16
R N3750N Firefly 7 (F7-132) 11.07.16 Starr William K, Buckeye, AZ R11.07.16 (restored)
R N59312 Cessna T210L (21060209) 11.07.16 Miller Dale L, Lawton, OK R11.07.16 (restored)

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

AMCAR146 is out

The digital version of AMCAR146 was published July 6th, covering all changes between March 25th and July 4th 2016. Our paper edition will be available in ten days .